XML Topic Maps (XTM) 1.0

Change log and list of errata

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This document provides a log of changes to the XML Topic Maps (XTM) 1.0 specification since its publication on February 21 2001 and a list of all known errata.

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Change log

1.10: 2001/02/23

Fixed markup errors (case of topicMap and baseName generic identifiers) in Annex F.

1.11: 2001/03/02

Fixed markup errors (spelling of 4x <resoureRef>) in Annex F.

1.12: 2001/03/02

Removed the word "approved" from the title. (Not because it isn't; only because it isn't necessary to say so!)

1.13-1.15: 2001/07/25

Fixed bad links at end of 3.4.1.

1.16: 2001/08/06

Fixed markup errors (roleSpec elements in F.6.3 and F.6.4)

Known errata


3.4.1, third paragraph implies that any <instanceOf> element can be replaced by an association of type class-instance. This is obviously not possible in the case of a <instanceOf> elements that are subelements of <association> elements, since it would involve endless recursion.


3.8.2, content model for <member> requires at least one <topicRef>, <resourceRef>, or <subjectIndicatorRef> subelement. This conflicts with the DTD which permits zero or more such elements. The editors' opinion is that the DTD is correct and section 3.8.2 is in error.


F.6 does not specify suppression rules for duplicate occurrences. An rule analogous to that specified for associations is required, as follows:


  1. The topic map contains two occurrences O1 and O2
  2. O1 is equal to O2 as defined by the Topic Occurrence equality principle.


  1. O2 is removed from the topic map


A comment in the XTM DTD states that the default XTM namespace is "". This should be "", as correctly given in the fixed value of the 'xmlns' attribute of the <topicMap> element. (This error is reproduced in Annex D.)


The title of Annex D should be "XTM 1.0 Document Type Definition", not "XTM 1.0 Document Type Declaration" as incorrectly given at